Use the torches to burn all six letters at the top of the screen. But be careful not to fall down gaps created by moving holes and watch out for enemies and other hazards

Controls for Player 1 (Keyboard)

  • WAD - Left, Right and Jump
  • Space, Enter or Left Mouse Button - Confirm

Controls for Player 2 (Keyboard)

  • Arrows - Left, Right and Jump
  • Enter - Enter game

Please note that the controls can be switched around in the menu control settings

Keyboard shortcuts

  • P - Pause
  • R - Restart
  • Q - Quit

Gamepad controls (One or two can be used)

  • D-Pad - Left and Right
  • A or B - Jump
  • Start - Confirm, Enter game or Pause
  • Select - Restart
  • L1 and R1 - Quit

Please note that if your gamepad is not working, try plugging it into another USB port because your computer may have already configured player 1 and player 2 into a specific USB slot.


  • Each player has 3 hearts
  • Bump your head on the ceiling and you lose half a heart
  • Bump into an enemy and you lose a whole heart or half if that is what is left of one
  • If a player is dead, the other player can revive them by walking over them, but this comes at the cost of half of one of your hearts


  • Each letter that is burnt will give the player 50 points


  • Level 1 - Snow and Rock boulders
  • Level 2 - Albatross

Main features (so far)

  • A two player game
  • The option of using two gamepads at the same time
  • Two players can pick up the same objects
  • Moving holes which overlap each other
  • Enemies
  • Wrap screen
  • Particle effects
  • Cheats
  • Intro screen


  • Design & Development by Game Favorites
  • Artwork by Game Favorites
  • Text Font by N3tRunn3r
  • Music by: EnvirOmaniac2 and Baz_Odink_NL
  • Sound Effects by: Leszek_Szary, MATRIXXX_, lifehappenedtome, JackWilDesign, Tuudurt, borralbi and yottasounds

Development Details

This game was made using Construct 3 and it was made for round 5 out of 10 in the GDKO 2022 game jam


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awww good job! The penguins are super cute and the multiplayer is a really good idea. Well done :)

(btw, are you on Xanderwoods discord? I dont think I’ve seen you there?)

Thanks :)

I haven't joined discord