I have updated my retro 8-bit game called Sentinel for Improve My Game Jam 23. I strongly recommend playing my game in full screen mode and you can use a gamepad, keyboard or touch screen controls


Score as many points as you can by standing on one column of land and shooting an endless swarm of machines that continuously adapt themselves to better kill you

Keyboard Controls

  • Move - Arrow keys (or WAD)
  • Shoot -  Press X (or Space or Mouse)
  • Restart - Press R 
  • Mute music - Press M

Gamepad Controls

  • Move - D-pad
  • Shoot -  Press X (or Y or Shoulder buttons)
  • Restart - Press Start
  • Back to Menu - Press Select

Please note that if your gamepad is not working, try plugging it into another USB port because your computer may have already configured it to a specific USB slot

Mobile Phone Controls

Touch the grey buttons on the menu screen

Touch the white LEFT, RIGHT, JUMP and SHOOT buttons that appear in-game on the bottom of the screen.

Please note that mobile phone controls will appear once a touch input has been detected on the menu screen and will not be visible if using a gamepad or keyboard


  • Design and Development by GameFavorites
  • Artwork - Space War Man by Emcee Flesher on opengameart.org (Some artwork has been modified very slightly by myself)
  • Font - Pixeled by OmegaPC777 on dafont.com
  • Music by EVRetro on freesound.org
  • Sound FX by multiple creators  on freesound.org (see below)
  1. Menu click by Leszek_Szary
  2. Select granted by MATRIXXX
  3. 8-bit explosion by timgormly
  4. 8-bit sizzle by Jofae
  5. Retro laser by OwlStorm
  6. Electric shock by pluralz
  7. Electric zap by Michael Grinnell
  8. Typewritter by fellwell5

Development log


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Okay, since this jam is about improving, I'll not tell you about the current state of the game, only how to improve it:

  • Lighter background, colors and style
  • Make a platform wider, but add some landscape changes (pits, mountains)
  • Give more lives to a hero
  • Add bonuses or some other thing to play for

Thanks for playing and the feedback is appreciated

The game is great overall, keep on going!

I've read my comment again and I sounded like an asshole, sorry 😁

No worries honestly. Everything you said is perfectly valid and it actually confirms some things about what I wanted to make long term. I am thinking of having a level or more with flatter ground and then have what I created in this jam to be more like the final challenge at the end of the game

Great to hear that!