• Move - Arrow keys (or WASD)
  • Throw -  Press Z (or N or LMB)
  • Explode - Press X (or M or RMB)
  • Restart - Press R

Round 2 story

The Dungeon King has found what he thinks is a yo-yo. However, when he starts to use it, he soon realises that it's actually a spider. 

How to use toy

Stand still in an open area for 10 seconds. Then press any key to use yo-yo. Put yo-yo away by moving the player in any direction.

For more fun, when the yo-yo spider is on the floor, wait 5 seconds to find out what happens...

Interact with the toy in the yo-yo state by tapping any key to move the yo-yo up and down. 

Interact with the toy in In the spider state by  destroying the landscape around him and see where he goes or where he takes you if you stand on him. You can also use explosions to change the direction the yo-yo spider runs in. 

General story

You are a king that is trapped in the dungeon of his own castle. Your fancy gold sword is bent out of shape when you fell inside but luckily you find some dynamite. So you combine them together to give yourself a unique ability - you put the BOOM in boomerang!


Escape the dungeon

Main features (so far)

  • A boomerang sword that can be thrown and detonated at will
  • A destructible environment
  • A yo-yo toy that can be played with during an idle animation

What's new in round 1 (updated version)

  • Changed my character's appearance slightly
  • Character has a walking animation
  • Added sound and particle effects
  • Added alternative controls

What's new in round 2 (updated version)

  • A yo-yo toy
  • Improved the collision detection for the yo-yo spider
  • Textured bricks and sand
  • Explosions  that can force the player backwards
  • The ability to crouch
  • A dynamite stick that can be dropped (press down +Z)
  • The King can now throw his boomerang sword faster and further


The following sound effects were from and have a creative commons license

Creator name = qubodup, Asset name = Whoosh, 

Creator name = BenjaminNelan, Asset name = Metal Tap 

Creator name = MegaBlasterRecordings, Asset name = Big Boomy Impact.wav

Creator name = adough1, Asset name = Shovelling.L.wav

Creator name = Bernard David, Asser name = 13GBernardD_prskavkaok.wav

Please Note

This game is currently in development and is being made using Construct 3. It is currently in round 2 out of 10 in the GDKO 2022 game jam

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